New album BROTESTSONGS 🎸 🍞 – all platform links 🖱 | # newalbum #newmusic #musicfriday

Here in the blog’s already been a few posts on the brand new album BROTESTSONGS, which from today on all platforms and in all stores around. 👻 Thanks to Songwhip, you can now present all the links at once in nice overviews – minimally it’s a login and a little look at or listen to advertising, and the music is delivered free of charge.

And there is still Deezer missing:

All further information about the BROTESTSONGS can be found here.

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Release of BROTESTSONGS on Friday! 🎸 🍞 | #newmusic #newalbum #musicfriday

As if I had guessed it – a week of escalating “Corona” protest in the capital Berlin comes down to the release of my first album BROTESTSONGS on Friday. The artwork, prepared by long hand, leads us dead straight to the scene.

So – four days are still to go. But there are already two singles (whether as treaming, download or music video on YouTube).

I would appreciate it if you remember this on Spotify with the pre-save link:

As a postscript, here are the platform links to the BROTESTSONGS:

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