Album-Release: 20.11.2020

With his debut album BROTESTSONGS, Potsdam singer-songwriter Konrad Grübelbach intervenes in the core of the current political scene. Protest is en vogue again. The climate made the beginning, virus fight followed on the foot, the next excitement guaranteed.

Grübelbach is highly aware of the dilemma of political art and therefore makes a lunge – towards the so-called bread test, formed in BROTESTSONGS. Gently risen in about one and a half years of work, carefully kneaded in composition and poetry. BROTESTSONGS are valuable work on a continuation of the tradition of German-language sound art, a combination of simple to experimental sounds and a lyricism that remains unruly and defies common criteria.

The single KATZE ERKENNEN, which follows a continuous wave of cat content and helps cat Boris to another great appearance in the accompanying video, makes the start. Starting from this acoustic guitar collaboration, the listener is plunged into an alternating bath of pleasant sounds, sometimes technoid-bizarre (GESELLSCHAFT AUF DEM DATEN-HIGHWAY), sometimes minimalist funky (ADORNO UND DIE FRANKFURTER SCHUHE), chant-like (INTERNATIONAL COMMERCIAL SUCCESS – the English-language exception of the album) or as an oblique continuation of poetic reflections on life and art. With TEIL DES SYSTEMS, Grübelbach comes closest to chart-worthy territory – a portrait of the city dweller in the age of virtualized finance, driven by pounding beats.

BROTESTSONGS is a production of GrübelSound, available on all major platforms and accompanied by music videos on YouTube.

All links in an overview: linktr.ee/gruebelbach

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01  Geburt einer Intonation (instrumental)

02  Katze erkennen   ✒️ Press Info (German)

03  Gesellschaft auf dem Daten-Highway

04  Adorno und die Frankfurter Schuhe

05  International Commercial Success

06  Lösen sich Lichter auf

07  Richtung

08  Nie genauer sagen

09  Teil des Systems   ✒️ Press Info (German)

10  Noch ein Wort

11  Wir bekämpfen das Klima