🏦 🍌 🎸🐞 IM BEZIRK | #movietrailer and beetle-#musicvideos 

Before the experimental no-budget feature film 🏦 🍌 🎸🐞 IM BEZIRK (here to the ➡️ info page) hits the decentralized program cinemas on April 1, here is the film trailer …

… and the sensational music video 🥗🐞 YOUR DIVING BEETLE SALAD accompanied by 🥫 KONSERVE (here to the ➡️ info page) – probably the first music video on the subject of insect food, and then immediately in honor of the mystical diving beetles!

No single without a B-side – in the artistic genesis that our film documents, this approach to the beetle theme occurs first:

Here you can already mark the premiere on 🟥 YouTube:

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➗ ROCK DOTS 🎸 #Teaser for the #single | #newsingle 

On 📷 Instagram the first memes for the second GRÜBELBACH album ➗ ROCK DOTS are already circulating. Here a short 🎬 video teaser for the eponymous pre-release single.

The music video for the song will follow with the release on September 16, 2022 on 🟥 YouTube. If you like to help the release along, leave a pre-save: ➡️ push.fm/ps/rockdots-single. Thanks a lot!

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