🏦 🍌 🎸🐞 IM BEZIRK | Experimenteller No-Budget-Spielfilm

From April 1, 2023 on 🟥 YouTube (🔔 for the premiere: https://youtu.be/XRePDwGYan8)

The days of Berlin’s dreariness are numbered. After several decades of preparation, Pope Immersion Boiler I (Merowech Kronenbourg) reigns his empire from the GISELA free art space. Sound tinkerer Konrad Grübelbach (himself) wants to expand his artistic portfolio and therefore peddles his digital collage edition “Lettern”. Almost inevitably, that’s how a holy alliance is formed.

But the revolution of the collage market is not enough: In the conglomerate of Hilmes digital AG, feverish preparations are being made for the climate-friendly conversion of the food culture to imported protein-rich diving beetles. Because it is so difficult to find good personnel, under Edwina Hilmes’ (Ariane Lotzin) protectorate Wilhelm Tauchsieder also diversifies his business activities in the insect food market segment.

No real life without drama – Tauchsieder and Grübelbach stagger back and forth between the booming bug business and lucrative vernissages. The appearance of monumental smoke detectors in the district remains largely unexplained.

Grübelbach’s and Kronenbourg’s partially improvised opus also provides unsparing insights into the advertising industry. As a former rock’n’roll advisor to the FDP under Walter Scheel, Grübelbach is now contributing his expertise to an unprecedented campaign for “Tauchsieders Tauchkäfer” – hipness guarantor for a new generation of capital city dwellers who don’t want to burn anything on the stove. Diving beetles are crispy ex works.

IM BEZIRK was made from 2021 onwards on a few strictly timed shooting dates in the Berlin districts of Lichtenberg, Kreuzberg and Wedding (with an excursion to Grübelbach’s adopted home of Potsdam). Instead of over-the-top gadgetry, the production company 🐞 DYTISCIDA FILM relies on a standard notebook, video compact cameras, a cell phone without an apple, and green screen equipment from ebay. Nevertheless, IM BEZIRK impresses with its opulent equipment and a digital recycling of leftovers that lives up to every claim of sustainability. No pixel is left behind!

The feature film release is accompanied by two music videos, which Grübelbach and Tauchsieder produce together in the film story – one of them with the specially founded band 🥫 KONSERVE.

🎸 Grübelbach ft. 🥫 Konserve 🥗🐞  DEIN KÄFER-SALAT ➡️ https://youtu.be/hRHRc-4a58Q

🎸 Grübelbach ft. 🎷 Papst Tauchsieder 🥗🐞  ALLE KÄFER WOLLEN FLIEGEN ➡️ https://youtu.be/Xa52lFjZNxA

… oder auf 🟢 Spotify, 🍏 iTunes, 📊 Deezer & Co. streamen ➡️ https://songwhip.com/konradgrubelbach/dein-kafersalat

Press reviews

“A kind of Volkssturm of the auteur film – Fassbinder would be drunk in his grave if he were already dead.” (Pankower Tageblatt)

“Berlin finally has its Klaus Lemke – his name is Merowech Kronenbourg and he can be chancellor at the same time.” (Vorwand)

“Konrad Grübelbach’s digital collages are a real eye-catcher for any insect kitchen. Now in the store.” (Das vergoldete Blatt)

🏦 🍌 🎸🐞  IM BEZIRK


D 2023

Directors and writers: Konrad Grübelbach / Merowech Kronenbourg

camera: Rob Schwesinger NBK / Véronique de Staël / Emil Richard Wagner

Editing: Leberecht van Kopenhagen

Set Design: Egbert Schulze

Artistic advice: Lorenz von Brühe

Production: Gerhard Comendarius


Wilhelm Tauchsieder aka Papst Tauchsieder I. Merowech Kronenbourg

Konrad Grübelbach                                                                   Konrad Grübelbach

Edwina Hilmes                                                                           Ariane Lotzin

Merlin                                                                                            Merlin Ahnen-Klan

Wolfgang                                                                                      Wolfgang Sichert

Prospective purchaser of beetles 1                                                                Patrizia Straubhaar

Prospective purchaser of beetles 2                                                                     Vincent Strelow

💻 Click here to the website of ➡️ 🐞 DYTISCIDA FILM

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