Rock Dots Album-Cover

Album Release: Nov 25, 2022

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“The ROCK DOTS are highly necessary from my point of view – in a border area of music history and my own biography. After all, the Ü in my last name puts me under the spell of the Rock Dots or also Röck Döts, which came up in 1967. What bands like Blue Öyster Cult or Motörhead have in common is that they turned a feature of German written language into radical chic. In typography, Rock Dots are the mark of Cain of the evil German. The fact that I’m switching to English for this (and probably some following) has a conceptual reason here: that we’re seeing Anglicization in general, culturally and economically. Every German-language music release is already interrelated to an overall Americanized environment.

I take the two points, the trema of one of the German umlauts that international heavy metal has claimed for itself, as loopholes leading into my own play with the English language. And, of course, a musical vocabulary that is never so clear genre-wise with me. The first album 🍞 BROTESTSONGS was certainly something singer-songwriter-like with little excursions into electric guitar rock, Latin and a bit of jazz. ROCK DOTS has more electric guitar and synth sounds, with styles from the rock, jazz rock and electronica spectrum.

The level of lyrics and music videos for several songs again opens up several perspectives on the international motherland of pop. I’m talking about pop culture in general as well as the horror genre in particular, or carrying on the voice of media theorist Marshall McLuhan, who was as profound as he was funny.”

(Konrad Grübelbach)

➗ ROCK DOTS are a production of 🎸 GrübelSound, available on all major platforms and accompanied by music videos on 🟥 YouTube.

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01  Rock Dots

02  Out Of Order

03  Sign Of The Pagan

04  Easier To Say

05  Marshall ft. MetalEd

06  The King Turns Up

07  Spray

08  Silent Night

09  Time Dilation

10  The Green