Marshall ft. MetalEd 📡 ROCK DOTS


How you use your eyes to see
your ears to hear
brings about new forms of human association
and action

Marshall McLuhan

I’ve discovered to my amazement
that if you’re taking
some violent and irritating processes like radio or TV
and start looking at
how it works
what it’s doing to you
and why it’s doing it to you
you can get very enthralled, very excited

So, ah, to certainly be confronted
with the need to use the human environment itself as art form
is one way of drawing the attention
to the fact that the new environments created by new media
require a certain amount of human programming and control
eh, for our psychic life

And what people see at any time
what their attention is focused upon
is always the rear view mirror
never the present image
or the present fact

The future of the future
is the present
and this is something
that people are terryfied of
(2 x)