🥗🐞 DEIN KÄFER-SALAT 🎸 Grübelbach ft. 🥫 KONSERVE

Stream it on 🟢 Spotify, 🍏 iTunes, 📊 Deezer etc. ➡️ https://songwhip.com/konradgrubelbach/dein-kafersalat

From the experimental no-budget feature film 🏦 🍌 🎸🐞 IM BEZIRK by Konrad Grübelbach and Merowech Kronenbourg – from April 1, 2023 on 🟥 YouTube ➡️ https://youtu.be/XRePDwGYan8

The embedding of the song in the film plot would be a little complicated to explain. Due to the recent media boom of the topic of insect food, it receives unexpected topicality. In IM BEZIRK, it is two actors from outside the field who begin a lively trade in edible diving beetles – as part of the overall dynamic of art and digitization.

The relationship of the film characters to each other is certainly hinted at in this music video: Pope Immersion Heater I (Merowech Kronenbourg), sovereign conductor of trade flows, blows his horn hard. The musician Konrad Grübelbach has quickly built him this sound cathedral to bring the good news to the world: “There you have your beetle salad!” The singing is largely left to him, Tauchsieder knows how to delegate.

Salad is just one of the many forms of presentation that are possible for diving beetles and other creatures previously unfamiliar on the plate. For this beetle boom in the capital, the immersion heater GmbH Berlin – Moscow – Chonqing provides the fuel. The video for the song was shot at locations in Berlin-Kreuzberg and, for one scene, in Potsdam. In highly efficient digital trick technology of 🐞 DYTISCIDA FILM, the cityscapes become a surreal romping place.

Bonus music video („b-side“): 🎸 Grübelbach ft. 🎷 Papst Tauchsieder 🥗🐞 ALLE KÄFER WOLLEN FLIEGEN

Press comments

“Skilful drumming with a climatically correct message” (Musikschnecke)

“Tauchsieder, finally his master’s voice for the drive with subwoofer” (Berliner Blätter)

“Grübelbach’s application as the sixth Beetle (small joke) really goes to the front – the snare drum is always one step ahead here, it seems.” (Gedanken zur Musik)

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