#Musicvideo: #ADORNO UND DIE FRANKFURTER SCHUHE 👟👟 | 🎬 #philosophy #satire #gruebelvideo

ADORNO UND DIE FRANKFURTER SCHUHE (ADORNO AND THE FRANKFURTER SHOES) startled me into another music video from the round of BROTESTSONGS. The dialogue with the pope of theory Thedor Wiesengrund Adorno can also be continued on the visual level, since two literal quotes in the song come as sound documents from filmed interviews.

This leads to presumptions, which are easy to make posthumously. I don’t want to unravel this further here – it should actually be a found food for all those who are addressed by Adorno with his rather harsh rejection of modern pop music in the broad sense. It is, however, quite a nice practical example of the relationship between theory and practice.

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Konrad GRÜBELBACH, what are BROTESTSONGS? 🎼 | #music #comedy #satire

Here I am asked by an ominous instance of cultural journalism about my first album BROTESTSONGS – about protest, politics and sound art. An explanation from the guitar politburo about the question, what the album title BROTESTSONGS is supposed to mean or what simply has to be said about it. (Two more explanatory videos follow).

Album links for all platforms:

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Release of BROTESTSONGS on Friday! 🎸 🍞 | #newmusic #newalbum #musicfriday

As if I had guessed it – a week of escalating “Corona” protest in the capital Berlin comes down to the release of my first album BROTESTSONGS on Friday. The artwork, prepared by long hand, leads us dead straight to the scene.

So – four days are still to go. But there are already two singles (whether as treaming, download or music video on YouTube).

I would appreciate it if you remember this on Spotify with the pre-save link:

As a postscript, here are the platform links to the BROTESTSONGS:

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