🎭 Who is Konrad GRÜBELBACH? | ✒️ 📽 🎤 #interview #parody #comedy #satire

HÖRMU, as the central organ of the true neutoners, sent its editor-in-chief H. P. Weller-Ziss to trace my identity more thoroughly once again. Although I had already been the cover boy of the music magazine several times, Weller-Ziss had not yet gone into the GRÜBELBACH pluriverse in such detail. That has now been made up for. An investigative video.

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Konrad GRÜBELBACH, what are BROTESTSONGS? 🎼 | #music #comedy #satire

Here I am asked by an ominous instance of cultural journalism about my first album BROTESTSONGS – about protest, politics and sound art. An explanation from the guitar politburo about the question, what the album title BROTESTSONGS is supposed to mean or what simply has to be said about it. (Two more explanatory videos follow).

Album links for all platforms:

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