The self-fulfilling #fear of John #Lennon 😧 🔫 | 🐞 #beatles #anniversary #assassination

Forty years ago today, according to reports, John Lennon was shot dead in New York. It is known from biographical reports that he was preoccupied with the thought of being murdered as a celebrity long before that.

To this end, I was struck in this film recording at 4:55 min. by the passage in which Lennon is asked about past concert and tour hysterias, which he professedly did not miss, even though he did not rule out future appearances. Regarding clubs, he then speaks (5:58) of guns and “big masks” and, as far as I understand, “frighten-me-to-death-viewers.”

On Deutschlandfunk, Egon Koch investigates the murder in detail, and there is no lack of other current contributions on the subject – here and (on the occasion of the recent jubilee) here.

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🎭 Who is Konrad GRÜBELBACH? | ✒️ 📽 🎤 #interview #parody #comedy #satire

HÖRMU, as the central organ of the true neutoners, sent its editor-in-chief H. P. Weller-Ziss to trace my identity more thoroughly once again. Although I had already been the cover boy of the music magazine several times, Weller-Ziss had not yet gone into the GRÜBELBACH pluriverse in such detail. That has now been made up for. An investigative video.

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#Musicvideo: #ADORNO UND DIE FRANKFURTER SCHUHE 👟👟 | 🎬 #philosophy #satire #gruebelvideo

ADORNO UND DIE FRANKFURTER SCHUHE (ADORNO AND THE FRANKFURTER SHOES) startled me into another music video from the round of BROTESTSONGS. The dialogue with the pope of theory Thedor Wiesengrund Adorno can also be continued on the visual level, since two literal quotes in the song come as sound documents from filmed interviews.

This leads to presumptions, which are easy to make posthumously. I don’t want to unravel this further here – it should actually be a found food for all those who are addressed by Adorno with his rather harsh rejection of modern pop music in the broad sense. It is, however, quite a nice practical example of the relationship between theory and practice.

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