#HamGate at GrübelSound 🥩 🍗 🚫 | #satire #scandal #Shitstorm

The commercial announcing the BROTESTSONGS also meant the first scandal for the release. Unsuspecting, I had already gone over to dinner at the end of the commercial, moderated with a ham roll in my hand – which I shouldn’t have done.

It followed on the foot the receipt via Twitter – of VeganRadikal @hastedensalat:

schinkengate tweet vegan radikal hastedensalat

So herewith the screenshot is already saved.

Of course, that was by far not all. I do not want to document in more detail the wild insults and threats of violence here, which subsequently poured over GrübelSound and my person in the social network. I would only raise the profile of the slanderers and militant animal rights activists, who seem to lose all regard for etiquette and human rights. In any case, I have no evidence of deliberate falsification by the meat lobby, which wanted to discredit its opponents.

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