🎵 GrübelSound publishs 📊 #statistics about #socials | 🔗 #socialmedia

Normally, what applies to all modern corporations of this type applies to 🎵 GrübelSound: strict secrecy is essential. But sometimes you have to get out with it. So in a Corona-battered December 2020, it’s the likeable young traditional label that presents its statistics in an 💻 online conference.

gruebelmem036 gruebelsound socials statistik

The evaluation in a 📊 diagram throws a spotlight on the current situation in the 🔗 social networks. Konrad GRÜBELBACH and his label GrübelSound are not exactly unaffected.

The driving force is clearly 🟠 Instagram with a good 400 subscribers. As if 🃏 magically, the values of the other two major platforms have rounded off at the same time: 🐤 Twitter to 300, 🔵 Facebook to 100.

It is known that 🟠 Instagram is growing and users are very active. There are very many, not least from the music sector, who present their own creative projects. 🐤 Twitter is weaker in Germany than in other countries – wrongly so, if you’re interested in the possibilities. Where else are there such chances to be found directly under #hashtags, per click even without sorting by algorithms according to news?

🔵 Facebook scores with 💬 thematic groups, in which 🎭 music and satire videos for 🎸 GRÜBELBACH could be reached the most so far. 🎞🟥 YouTube, on the other hand, seems hopelessly overcrowded and can only be proven at all for GrübelSound with complicated computational methods. In addition, Facebook subscribers are on average not as animated to follow compared to the bandwagon horse Instagram – either due to a lack of interest or also influenced by the fact that the 🔲 interface is somewhat more sober and the subscribe button is two clicks away, while on Instagram it is provided with the legible ☑️ appeal “Subscribe” after just one click. The Facebook 👍 Like is known to be a ♥️ heart on Instagram – more intuitive, ‘one’ would probably say.

Konrad GRÜBELBACH, as 📀 label head also his own boss, thanked an unknown crowd of 📰📺📻 journalists in the tele-conference, which could now become a regular habit in the 🗓 diary of the stressed 💻🌎 metropolis Internet. Grübelbach of the further:

My thanks go first and foremost to the numerous participants in the 🔗 social networks, who could convince themselves of 🎵 GrübelSound productions. We take this as an opportunity to work even harder in the future for unhinged to abysmal entertainment.

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#HamGate at GrübelSound 🥩 🍗 🚫 | #satire #scandal #Shitstorm

The commercial announcing the BROTESTSONGS also meant the first scandal for the release. Unsuspecting, I had already gone over to dinner at the end of the commercial, moderated with a ham roll in my hand – which I shouldn’t have done.

It followed on the foot the receipt via Twitter – of VeganRadikal @hastedensalat:

schinkengate tweet vegan radikal hastedensalat

So herewith the screenshot is already saved.

Of course, that was by far not all. I do not want to document in more detail the wild insults and threats of violence here, which subsequently poured over GrübelSound and my person in the social network. I would only raise the profile of the slanderers and militant animal rights activists, who seem to lose all regard for etiquette and human rights. In any case, I have no evidence of deliberate falsification by the meat lobby, which wanted to discredit its opponents.

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#Tweets 🐦 zum #Grübeln (3) | #SozialeMedien

Das Grübeln hat auf Twitter aktuell wieder mannigfaltige Ausprägungen erfahren.

Natürlich stehen persönliche Blockaden an erster Stelle.

Man kann auch mit der Gesundheitspolitik hadern.

Herbstdeko und Immobilienbesitz sind die Champagnersorgen unter diesen Beispielen.

Allgemein schadet Selbstreflexion nie.

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