Allow me, #guitar

This blog must begin historically – with the corpus delicti, the weapon of crime, which is the primary subject here: the guitar.

Guitarra latina (links) und Guitarra morisca (rechts), 13. Jahrhundert
Guitarra latina (left) and guitarra morisca (right), 13th century

Plucked and strummed, acoustic or electrified – guitars are more present than ever before. What is popular music today almost always makes use of the instrument.

On the one hand, this blog presents the work of one of the most history-conscious and at the same time most critical neo-guitarists, Konrad Grübelbach.

But why always do everything yourself, when the good is so close? – The history of guitar music is enormously rich, enormously alive. Here we will draw from this wealth – with musical examples, rarities, curiosities and specialties.

In advance, the greatest possible fun!

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