Well-intentioned 🟥#SPD bashing? Attempt at #selfcriticism | 🥁 #politics

The GrübelSound smash hit KATZE ERKENNEN probably still resonates where it was heard. So also me as the main responsible person. In the song lyrics it is not least the concluding lines, …

Then you do not go swimming
Without a balloon
And if it says SPD on it
who cares?

… which make me feel a certain melancholy. As Rock’n’Roll Commissioner under Federal President Walter Scheel (FDP), I always maintained a friendly relationship with the coalition partner.

Bundesarchiv Bild 146 1989 047 20 Walter Scheel
Federal President Walter Scheel (1919–2016)
CC BY-SA 3.0 Bundesarchiv

My attempt at differentiation, however, remained somewhat half-hearted: In the shallows of the present website, I also gave out a text alternative against the big competitor on a trial basis at the point just mentioned:

Then probably not much helps except a lot of rubbish
and you put your hope in the CDU

A certain relaxation sets in when I register the comparatively rude methods currently used by legal scholar Christoph Möllers in the magazine MERKUR to address the Social Democrats’ dwindling voter base:

In other words, it is not clear whether the decline of social democratic parties following certain pro-business reform policies was also caused by them.


This connection will probably go down in history as the Wikihausen trilemma: To assume that economic unfriendliness is a necessary consequence of political alternatives would be just as frivolous as abandoning social revolutionary pathos altogether.

Olaf Scholz’s observation will have to become more acute from this point of view.

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Die Messe des Großen DADAsophen 🚵 🚴 🚴‍♀️ | #Comedy #Satire #Kunst

Bei der 2. Internationalen DADA-Messe im Freien Kunstraum GISELA (🐻 Berlin-Lichtenberg) hat noch bis 08.03.2021 das 🖼 bildnerische Werk von Konrad GRÜBELBACH im Kunst-Kontext Premiere. Die Digital-Collage “R” hat es gar zum Plakat-Motiv der Ausstellung gebracht. 🙂

Der Große DADAsoph (Gerhard Zaucker, Instagram: @gerhardzaucker) gibt sich die Ehre und mir aus seiner Sicht Auskunft zum zeitgenössischen Thema der 😷 Maske im Zusammenhang mit der Fortsetzung von DADA.

Hier noch ein seriöses Video zur gesamten Ausstellung vom GISELA-Team (Instagram: @gisela_freier_kunstraum):

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